About New Gardens

New Gardens are a passionate team of landscape gardeners, dedicated to producing high-quality, beautiful gardens and garden rooms. From the initial design to the finishing touches, we aim to provide a professional yet friendly and personal service to our customers. There is no project too big for us to turn our green fingers to - in fact, we relish a challenge. A home simply isn't complete without a garden that you be proud of. We are confident that we can create the ideal outdoor space, suitable for any requirement, you'll find plenty of examples throughout this website. Get in touch with us to discover how we can transform your garden

We recognise it’s a real privilege to be welcomed into your personal space, your home environment, and to be trusted with producing something you’ll be ultimately really proud of and glad you invested in, for many years to come. There’s a great team here at New Gardens, we’re good friends and love working hands-on and working as a team. You’ll enjoy getting to know us and having us around. Simply put, we love what we do.

Meet the team


Nathan is the creative force that drives New Gardens. His is the first face you’ll see once you’ve made contact with us. Full of ideas and easy to talk to he’ll be alongside you throughout the design process and will be your first point of contact once the project is underway. Nathan takes a lot of satisfaction from investing in others and giving them opportunity and confidence.


Jacob is the most seasoned member of the team. He is a team leader and has spent many years perfecting his craft. His creativity as an artist brings an eye for detail into his work and he finds huge satisfaction in the final result. He is easy to talk to and despite no longer being the ‘new guy’ he still makes a lovely brew.


Julian is one of our team leaders and, hailing from Germany, he brings a lot of great qualities with him. He thrives on tasks that require a high level of precision especially if those tasks involve the manipulation of timber. Julian leads from the front and is always looking for ways to increase efficiency on site.


Johnny has an extensive background in joinery and general building yet his skills far surpass that of an average tradesman. As the force behind New Garden Rooms, he is an artisan whose knowledge and imagination has enabled us to produce much greater work, either through the things he builds himself or the opportunity to learn that he offers the rest of the team.


Josh is the newest addition to New Gardens but he has quickly become an important part of the team. His knowledge and experience have enabled him to produce work to the high standards that we pride ourselves upon and his motivation and ability has enabled him to successfully lead a team himself.


Joe is an incredibly diligent and hardworking member of the team. His sincere humility endears him to everyone he meets and as a result he is always considered a favourite by our customers. Joe tackles everything thrown at him with gusto and is invested in everything he does. His thoughtful and generous nature make for an impeccable team player.


Kai started his journey with New Gardens doing work experience and in the years since he’s grown in massively in confidence and ability. Having spent two years at college studying bricklaying whilst also studying on site in the thick of it, Kai has become an integral part of the team with all the skills he needs to become an amazing landscaper.


Will is always willing to turn his hand to anything. He is the youngest member of the team but by no means is he the least. His confidence and enthusiasm carried through two years of college and hard labour and that same confidence is evident every time he tries something new. Always eager to get involved and always smiling.

New Gardens is a trading name of New Endeavours Ltd, registered company number: 13279307