About New Gardens

Hello, welcome to our site! You’re probably here because you want to develop your garden and in doing so make a big difference to your quality of life. There’s no doubt it’s a big investment and perhaps the hardest part is finding the right people to trust it with, in the first place.

So let me introduce myself, I’m Nathan. I began this thing ten years ago, drawn to do something creative and to be able to work outdoors. I’ve always enjoyed meeting people and making friendships and there’s a strong element of that in this too because it’s your garden and it’s a really personal thing! For you to be really happy with what we end up creating I’ll have needed to really understand what matters to you and what your personal thing is. Ultimately your garden is an extension of you, a way of you expressing yourself to the world and you need to be completely at home in it.

We recognise it’s a real privilege to be welcomed into your personal space, your home environment and to be trusted with producing something you’ll be ultimately really proud of and glad you invested in, for many years to come. There’s a great team here at New Gardens, we’re good friends and love working hands-on and working as a team. You’ll enjoy getting to know us and having us around. Simply put, we love what we do, it’s the best job in the world!