Making Contact

Get in touch, you can pick up the phone or fire off an email. You’ll be met with a swift response and the offer of a free consultation. Find our contact details here.

First Date

This is when we meet in person and conduct a site survey, taking measurements and photos required for the design process. We’ll talk in more depth about your vision and introduce our own ideas and experience. We can show you photos and design examples to spark your imagination and help you build a more complete picture of the garden you’re looking for.


Falling In Love

Now we sit down and put pen to paper to bring all our ideas together and make them easy to visualise - the creative juices are flowing! We’ll then send you the design to make sure we’re on the right track. This design process will be fluid and you’ll be able to input new ideas or make changes at will. There may be some back and forwards during this time as we want to make sure that you are involved and that you are in love with the result. We produce 2D designs as standard whilst 3D designs are available on request.

Popping The Question

Once we see eye to eye on the design we’ll draw up an itemised quotation covering every aspect of the project which we'll then send over to you. The structure of the project can be changed at this stage as we may need to tailor the quote according to your budget and priorities.

It’s Official

Once the quote has been approved we can book you in with a mutually agreeable start-date.

Going Steady

Work begins in earnest, you’ll get to know the team as the job progresses. You’ll find us approachable, reliable, and friendly throughout the whole experience. It’s important to us that you feel able to talk openly about any concerns or new ideas you may have as the work is in progress - it’s never too late to make changes.

Staying Friends

Unfortunately, all good things must come to end. We'll make sure we stay friends. Remember, we’re always on the end of the phone should problems arise or if you simply need some advice.